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Post by MissKitten on Sun May 19, 2013 4:03 pm

So, the finale we've all been waiting for has been aired, so what did everyone think?

I for one thought it was absolutely fantastic, the simple idea that the reason the Doctor could never go to Trenzalore being that it was the site where he was buried was a stroke of utter genius. And that the name wasn't the important thing at all, it was what that name repressented. The explanation behind Clara's constant appearances and effects on the Doctor's life had a great explanation as well.

I loved seeing Jenny, Vastra and Strax again and the fantastic scenes showing just how strong that relationship between Jenny and Vastra really is. Gotta say this was quite the romantic episode.

Loved the conference call scene, especially the idea that time travel has always been possible in dreams. Clara and River meeting was brilliantly done, and how Clara just learned about the Doctor and River piece by piece as the episode went along.

My absolute favorite scene was the final one between the Doctor and River, the simple and heartbreaking explanation why he didn't talk to her until then - it just hurt too much. I think that scene alone probably means that between losing Amy and Rory in The Angels Take Manhattan and becoming the lonely, sad man on the clouds in The Snowmen, he probably also was forced to take River on their final date before the library. That is, of course, just my headcanon, but it makes so much sense, because the Doctor we saw in The Snowmen was just a broken man who had all but given up on the world. I just think that man had lost everything that was dear to him and he just didn't want to get involved again.

That kiss has to be my favorite kiss of them all, simply because it was the Doctor kissing her instead of the other way around (the comment about how it must have looked to the others was completely hilarious, though). And that goodbye was heartbreaking (although, I refuse to believe it's a true goodbye until the day Moffat and Matt leave the show - plus that Spoiler just sounds too much of a promise that she's not done popping up in his life).

Bring on November, I think that Special is going to be incredibly interesting Smile

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